Season 4 Episode 8: Muna Mire & Tourmaline

This episode gets a jump on summer with artist and filmmaker Tourmaline and writer and producer Muna Mire. In conversation, they discuss Mire’s profile of Toumaline in Frieze (October 2020) and elaborate on Tourmaline’s celebration of trans histories, queer joy, community organizing, Black freedom, and what she describes as her “works of care, of lineage holding, of remembering who we really are and what we deserve.” They also delight in the everyday beauty and mysticism that holds their friendship, and the significance, for Mire, of establishing that textured intimacy in this text. Mire also touches on the experience of writing and publishing in the past year: “The reason this article exists is that people set cars on fire, people burned down police precincts, and the ripple effect of that is really powerful.”

We wish to thank Jacob Irish (Editor), Mitra Shreeram (Assistant Producer), and Chris Andrews (Sales Director and Podcast Design).

Thanks especially to Tourmaline and Muna Mire for their contribution to this season. And thank you to Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival  for their support.

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