How to Pitch Momus

Momus is an online platform for art writing and criticism. Our editors seek out writing that looks critically at contemporary art and bridges its relationship to larger contexts. Through editing that is committed to sensitivity and rigor, we prioritize accessible approaches to writing.

Momus publishes reviews and features, and welcomes pitches in both categories. Our animating question for pitches is: what makes this criticism and not coverage?

Reviews can run between 800-1,500 words. Typically, they take a single exhibition as their subject, though we invite more inventive approaches. We pay between $400-600 USD for Reviews, depending on length.

Features can run between 1,000-2,500 words. The term “feature” is a bit of a catch-all for criticism that goes beyond the review format. It may take the form of a critical essay that addresses a current issue affecting art, artists, or the conversation around them; or incorporate original research with a clear critical position. Under this category, we have published essays, profiles, in-memoria, letters, how-to guides, rebuttals, reflections, and opinion pieces. As with reviews, we invite more inventive approaches. We pay between $550-750 USD for Features, depending on length.

Please send a brief 1-2 paragraph pitch to Ideally, your pitch should give us a clear and concise sense of your subject, and why it is worth exploring now. Even if the pitch is linked to a current or upcoming event, exhibition, or performance, please let us know what makes addressing this subject feel opportune or even necessary in this moment (why this? Why now? Why you?). As we are primarily a publication of art criticism, we consider a writer’s critical position and how the writer will support this position. If your subject has been written about recently and/or widely, we recommend articulating how your perspective and approach will differ from that of previous writing, or how it will respond.

Please note that we do not publish in the academic register, so academic conventions do not apply.

Please put your pitch in the body of your email. Let our editors know if you’re pitching elsewhere simultaneously. We typically respond to pitches within 10 days.