Momus is an international online art publication and podcast that responds to a discordant, sped-up moment with slow looking and brave positioning. Since 2014, the publication has become a trusted reference for those wishing to reflect on contemporary art with greater focus.

Momus: The Podcast, co-hosted by Lauren Wetmore and Sky Goodden, is now entering its fifth season. The podcast was named a top art podcast by The New York Times, and has featured guests including Tourmaline, Ebony L. Haynes, Coco Fusco, Emmanuel Iduma, Harry Dodge, and Nikki Columbus, among others. Momus also published its first print compendium in 2017 (Momus: A Return to Art Criticism, Vol. 1, 2014-17).

Momus has been shortlisted five times for the International Award for Art Criticism. most recently in 2020; Associate and Contributing Editor Catherine G. Wagley won the Rabkin Foundation Award for art journalism in 2019, and more than two dozen of our contributors have been awarded Creative Warhol Arts Writers Grants, including 2021 grantees Simon Wu and Asa Mendelsohn.

Starting in 2019, Momus began hosting twice-annual Momus Emerging Critics Residencies in our effort to attend to both the heightened stakes, increasing potential, and renewed challenges for art criticism – and to do so outside of a traditional post-secondary program. Through intensive bursts of economically-accessible mentorship, editing, and professional guidance, these residencies lead to ongoing conversations, opportunities, and relationships whose fruits are manifold.

Momus is inspired to host these residencies especially now, at a time when art criticism is increasingly animated through smaller, not-for-profit, and ad-hoc publications (which are, themselves, increasingly based online), and yet the field has never been so precarious for those working within it. How do we chart the opportunities and revitalized potential in art writing, as we also work to better identify the risks? In holding these intimate residencies one at a time, twice a year, we are working to strengthen and galvanize the next generation of art writers, editors, and audio contributors while working to address the industry’s severe lack of representation. Conversations around industry access and survival flow through more ideological discussions on self-representation and voice.

In addition to the biannual Residencies, Momus is thrilled to offer a paid annual Critical Writing Fellowship in partnership with Eyebeam. The Fellowship provides sustained mentorship, editing, art-publishing access, and artist/writer/editor network-building to an early-career art writer or critic. This year’s Fellow is Arushi Vats (New Delhi), who is working with mentor Nora N. Khan for the inaugural 2021-22 year.

Momus is currently working to establish the Momus Institute to provide year-round mentorship, professional apprenticeship, and in-field study opportunities to emerging art writers, editors, audio producers, and publishers. In working to help diversify and amplify the next generation of contributors to our field, Momus is committed to both creating and strengthening the future criterion of art criticism and art writing.


To the custodians of the nations our publishing reaches, Momus acknowledges our Indigenous writers, artists, and readers.



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