Momus (est. 2014) is a small but vital online publisher of art criticism and art writing. Led by its founding Publisher Sky Goodden, in Montreal, the Momus team is variously based in Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Los Angeles, and New York. As an art publication, podcast, and mentorship platform committed to producing accessible, courageous, and stake-holding criticism, our editors—including Catherine G. Wagley, Jessica Lynne, Merray Gerges, and Claire Voon—work to support writers at every stage of their career and across all stages of a text. We are committed to sensitive and rigorous editorial support and to a definition of art writing and criticism that is plural and inclusive. We are also committed to building an arts writing infrastructure that understands art writing and criticism to be integral to our cultural ecosystem and dialogues.

Momus has brought over 900 critics and art writers to publication over 9 years, many of them emerging, and has steadily raised its writing rates by more than 300% in that time.

Momus: The Podcast has been named one of the top-ten art podcasts by The New York Times.

In 2019, Momus established a series of Mentorship Programs that offer professional development to emerging critics, editors, journalists, and publishers as they’re met with the heightened stakes and renewed challenges of art writing. Directed by Lauren Wetmore, Momus Programs (including residencies and fellowships) feature the field’s leading art writers, editors, and publishers, and have been hailed by Pulitzer-Prize-winning critic Margo Jefferson, as “[so] important—essential, in fact. It made me hopeful for our intellectual and cultural future.”

In partnership with organizations like Forge Projects and Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, we work to transparently chart new opportunities in art writing and criticism while providing support for emerging and future contributors. In both the long and short term, we are hoping to serve underrepresented art writers and under-addressed readerships.

Critical arts writing is an essential component of any robust contemporary arts landscape. Critics, art writers, and arts journalists help to illuminate the nuances of a particular artistic work and offer readers the opportunity to see the work anew. Momus‘s commitment to criticism is anchored in this ethos and rooted in a desire to ensure that criticism is positioned as essential, imaginative, and as craft itself.

In order to bring a sustained critical reception to contemporary art and uplift new art writers and critics, Momus relies on its readers’  and sponsors’ support. Please visit our Patreon or donor pages for more information on how you can support Momus publishing and mentoring.


To the custodians of the nations that our publishing reaches, Momus wishes to especially acknowledge our Indigenous writers, artists, and readers.



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