Momus is an international online art publication and podcast committed to reading our cultural text more deeply, and dedicated to the vital, uphill work of art criticism in a critical time. Momus’s writers respond to a discordant, sped-up moment with slow looking and brave positioning.

Momus has quickly become a trusted reference for those wishing to reflect on contemporary art with greater focus than online platforms typically allow. Since 2014, Momus has been shortlisted three times for the International Award for Art Criticism; Contributing Editor Catherine G. Wagley won the Rabkin Foundation Award for art journalism in 2019; and more than a dozen of its contributors have been awarded Creative Warhol Arts Writers Grants.

Momus published its first print compendium (Momus: A Return to Art Criticism, Vol. 1, 2014-17) in 2017. In that same year, the publication established a podcast, Momus: The Podcast, which is co-hosted by Lauren Wetmore and Sky Goodden, and was named one of the top-ten art podcasts by The New York Times (March 2020). It’s currently in its fourth season.

In 2019, Momus initiated a roving Momus Emerging Critics Residency to encourage and support an incumbent generation of art critics, editors, audio producers, and publishers looking to enter an often opaque and exclusionary industry. Central to this is Momus’s desire to help remedy the severe lack of representation in the field. The residency’s first three iterations have been hugely successful, with a total of 65 residents participating from around the world, comprising cohorts that were over 80% Black, Indigenous, and POC, and for which the 2020 residency leadership was largely BIPOC, and will be, going forward. The residencies have received substantial support to account for almost total subsidization. We deeply thank the former US Ambassadors to Canada, Vicki and Bruce Heyman; the Council for American Canadian Relations; the artist and philanthropist Ydessa Hendeles for their support. We’re also grateful to have secured scholarships for participants from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago to attend. The Momus Emerging Critics Residency partnered with OCAD University as a hosting institution in 2020, as well as our key partnering institution, Concordia University, in both 2019 and 2020. In collaboration with Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Momus is currently working to establish a Momus Institute.


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Momus Contributors

Sky Goodden is the founding Publisher and Editor of Momus, an international art criticism publication and podcast. Since 2014, Momus has been shortlisted for two International Awards for Art Criticism, and its contributors have been awarded nine Creative Capital Warhol Grants for Art Writers and a Rabkin Foundation Award for Art Journalism. Goodden was the Artist-in-Residence at Montreal’s Concordia University in 2018-19, and holds an MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD University, which awarded her with an “Alumni of Influence Award.” In 2019, she was awarded the J.E.H. MacDonald Award from the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto. Goodden has published in multiple catalogues and art books, as well as FriezeArt in America, C Magazine, and Art21. Under the Momus publishing tent, Goodden hosts two popular Momus Emerging Critics Residencies annually; and co-produces and hosts Momus: The Podcast, with Lauren Wetmore. In 2020, Momus: The Podcast was named one of the top-ten art podcasts by The New York Times. It’s currently in its fourth season.

Lauren Wetmore is a curator and writer, currently a curatorial fellow at Mudam, Luxembourg, and co-host/producer of Momus: The Podcast. She has contributed to exhibitions, biennials and commissioning programs internationally including the 2013 Carnegie International (Pittsburgh), Frieze Projects (London, 2014-15) and Meeting Points 8 at La Loge (Brussels, 2016), Windsor Hotel (Cairo, 2016) and the Beirut Art Center (2017). Her independent curatorial projects include Basir Mahmood: I watch you do for Kunstenfestivaldesarts at Cinema Galerie (Brussels, 2019) and The Conversation, for which she was awarded the Encura curatorial residency at Fundació AAVC Hangar (Barcelona, 2015). She has also held positions at The Banff Centre, Barbican Art Gallery, and has spoken at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, 2018), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut, 2018) and Edition Artbook Fair (Toronto, 2017). Wetmore was short-listed for the 2016 International Awards for Art Criticism and has contributed to publications for MOCA Cleveland, and Sternberg Press, 2017. Wetmore holds a MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD University.

Catherine G. Wagley writes about art and visual culture in Los Angeles. She is a recipient of the 2019 Rabkin Foundation Award in Art Journalism, and contributes to a number of publications, most recently CARLA, ARTNews, East of Borneo, and L.A. Review of Books. 

Rahel Aima is a writer based in Dubai. She is editor of BXD: The Postwestern Review, and was a founding editor of THE STATE.

Andrew Berardini is a writer in Los Angeles and a contributing editor at Momus. A finalist for the Premio Bonaldi and winner of an Andy Warhol/Creative Capital Grant for Art Writers in 2013, he has a book forthcoming from Mousse on artist Danh Vo, and is currently at work on a another about color. Berardini is the co-founder of the Art Book Review, and edits for numerous other publications, including Artslant and Mousse. He has been a regular contributor to Art Review, LA Weekly, and Artforum.

Saelan Twerdy is a freelance writer based in Montreal and a PhD candidate in Art History at McGill University. He is a contributing editor at Momus  and his writing has appeared in venues such as Canadian Art, Border Crossings, C magazine, Magenta, BlackFlash, Bad Day, and The New Inquiry. He has also contributed to books and exhibition catalogues published by Concordia University’s FOFA Gallery, Fogo Island Arts/Sternberg Press, and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

Tausif Noor is a freelance writer and graduate student at Goldsmiths, University of London conducting research in visual culture, politics, and art history. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has worked in non-profit art spaces in India, where he was a Fulbright Research Fellow from 2014-15.

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