Sky Goodden

Season 6, Episode 1

To launch our sixth season, Lauren Wetmore interviews Sky Goodden on a book that has recently got her all “twirled up.” They discuss Art Writing in Crisis (Sternberg Press, 2021) which sits adjacent to an exhausting list of books on art criticism in crisis and points instead to the emancipatory potential of criticism, and, as Goodden and Lauren term it, the “present imperfect” of a field actively redefining itself. “I think it’s important to understand what art writing and criticism has recently been in order to have a sense of its future,” reflects Goodden. “However, I find that, for decades now, we can get so stuck in what it’s been, we never get to the second part.”

All thanks to Jacob Irish (Editor) and Chris Andrews (Assistant Producer).

Our deepest appreciation to this episode’s advertisers: Plural Contemporary Art Fair and Maleko Mokgosi: Imaging Imaginations at the Art Gallery of York University.

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