Alessandro Bava on “What’s Changed, and What Should?”- Ep. 18

Momus: The Podcast launched Season 3 with the question “what’s changed – and what should?”, which we continue with Alessandro Bava, an architect and writer based in Naples, Italy. Bava makes exhibitions, installations, interiors, and architecture projects, and writes on the poetics, politics, and technologies that produce contemporary space. In conversation with Lauren Wetmore, Bava reflects, “If your house becomes a place of labor, this radically changes the status of the home and its place in the market as a commodity. […] Three months ago the machine was running and there was nothing stopping it. In a way, now there is a chance to imagine an alternative.”

Momus: The Podcast – recently named one of The New York Times‘ top-ten art podcasts – is doubling down and scaling up in Season 3, issuing new podcasts every two weeks and staring directly at our present crisis, with an eye to both history and potential. Look for us on Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iTunes, and other popular podcast apps.

Momus: The Podcast is edited by Jacob Irish, features original music by Kyle McCrea, and assistant production from Mitra Shreeram. If you would like to inquire about advertising opportunities or other forms of support, please contact Sky Goodden at

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