The Venice Biennale – Ep. 01

Designed by Alex Ferko.

Welcome to the pilot episode of Momus: The Podcast. For our first broadcast, we focus on the historic Venice Biennale as the 57th edition opens to the public. We air a conversation on its history, institution, relevance, and potential, with insight arriving from a group of critics, curators, artists, and gallerists speaking to us from around the world. In this vibrant and myriad discussion, we question this event’s potential for political comment; its profile amid a “festivalist” biennial culture; its emphasis on nationalism; and the latest edition’s success.

Our pilot contributors include Morgan QuaintanceAndrew BerardiniKimberlee CórdovaSaelan TwerdySandra PaikowskyCatherine G. WagleyAlison HugillMitch Speed, and your host, Sky Goodden.

We’d like to thank the Ontario Arts Council for its support in making this podcast’s first episode possible. Momus: The Podcast is co-produced by Angela Shackel and Sky Goodden; and edited by Angela Shackel. We would like to thank our assistant producer, Mitra Shreeram; and our music composer, Kyle McCrea.

We are thrilled to announce that NTS radio hosts Momus: The Podcast.

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