In the past half-decade, we’ve seen art publishing revivified, both better attended to and better contested. Art criticism is increasingly animated through smaller, not-for-profit, and ad-hoc publications (which are, themselves, increasingly based online, and therefore better able to launch and circulate), and playing host to a number of pressing conversations regarding a renewed ethics in art. However, despite the recent swell in independently-published criticism, the field at large has never been so precarious for those working within it. In a pandemic year, most major art publishers are freezing their freelance budgets; and the same editors who are seeking historically undervalued writers and perspectives often take liberty with these authors’ bylines, do damage to unique and vulnerable voices, or gate-keep to the exclusion of important positions. How do we more transparently chart the opportunities and revitalized potential in the field of art writing, as we work to better identify the risks?

Starting in 2019, Momus began hosting twice-annual Momus Emerging Critics Residencies in its effort to attend to both the heightened stakes, increasing potential, and renewed challenges for art criticism—and to do so outside of a traditional MFA program, through intensive bursts of economically accessible mentorship and professional council. These residencies last two concentrated weeks, and lead to ongoing conversations and collaborations that span seasons and years, both among the residents and their mentors.

Momus recently wrapped its August 2021 edition, which included leadership and mentorship by:


  • Hannah Black

  • Léuli Eshrāghi

  • Emmanuel Iduma

  • Jessica Lynne

  • Catherine G. Wagley

  • Candice Hopkins

  • Mark Mann

  • Ebony L. Haynes

  • Rahel Aima


Applications for the Summer edition are now closed. We’d like to thank Concordia University’s Art Volt; Vicki and Bruce Heyman, former US Ambassadors to Canada; and the Council for Canadian American Relations, for their tremendous support.

Check back in Fall 2021 to learn about the Winter 2021 edition, which will be run by Léuli Eshrāghi.