VANCOUVER: Wil Aballe Art Projects: Evann Siebens

Opening Reception: Thurs, Feb 25, 7-9 PM

Performance: Sat, Mar 19, 5:30 PM

Referencing her archive of 16mm film and years of shooting dance, Siebens has created a personal manifesto and mediated lexicon of how to shoot dance, using film, collage, text and media. Influences include the choreographer William Forsythe, Yvonne Rainer and Judson Church artists such as Trisha Brown and Lucinda Childs. In addition to the gallery installation at WAAP, Siebens will perform a live ‘Moving Camera Improv’ at her nearby studio and has invited dance artists Justine Chambers, James Gnam and the Plastic Orchid Factory to present work on Sat, March 19th at 5:30 p.m. (We will meet at WAAP for a guided, choreographic walk to the studio.) Siebens has described her practice as mapping choreography through media, a result of her personal history with dance. Her concern with the moving body has resulted in her translating three-dimensional movement, memory and emotion to the still image and screen.