VANCOUVER: UNIT/PITT Projects: Rachel & Sarah Seburn

Come witness The Gambling Splinter on view before its eventual (impossible?) submersion into the ground. From concept to fabrication, The Gambling Splinter is a look at the architectural qualities of bunkers, void of the connotations, yet inseparable from their ramifications. In the center of a neighbourhood facing rapacious re-development, the opportunity to explore new functions and social engagements with relation to security & community preservation is made available in a showroom setting. To gamble, and to splinter.

UNIT/PITT is commemorating the 1975 founding of the Helen Pitt Gallery with eight months of exhibitions, performances, talks, and public actions collectively called 2055. Rather than celebrating a 40th anniversary (which many thought we would never reach), we are treating 2015-2016 as a mid-point in a projected 80-year arc, projecting hypothetical futures and referencing as-yet-incomplete histories. In juxtaposition to the rising condo buildings sprouting skyward around the neighbourhood where the gallery currently exists, the Seburns propose a possible future underground, where words, goods, and skills can be exchanged.