TORONTO: Paul Petro Contemporary Art: Julie Beugin

Image Credit: Julie Beugin Detours , 2016, acrylic, oil, graphite and collage on canvas 51 x 49 inches
Opening Reception Friday, April 29, 7-10pm. Artist will be present.
After presenting her paintings earlier this year in Berlin, Beugin brings her latest work to Toronto. Detours is an exhibition of abstract paintings with collage that suggest an intimate and mutable sense of place.
“I glean shapes and colour from my photo collages of mundane and generic spaces from various cities. Abstracting from the complicated beauty of urban green space and concrete forms, I recombine moments such as shadows crossing receding pathways, light falling on shaped hedges, or an occluded view into a window. Within these glimpses, the impersonal and sometimes harsh forms of buildings and concrete give me a sense of friction that I can work both with and against. The paintings don’t describe specific spaces or places, but are instead a record of responsive thoughts over time in the search for something unexpected.”
Image Credit: Julie Beugin,  Detours,  2016  acrylic,  oil,  graphite and collage on canvas  51 x 49 inches