NYC: Higher Pictures: Aspen Mays

Opening: Saturday, March 12, 3 – 6pm

Higher Pictures presents Tengallon Sunflower, a new body of work by Aspen Mays. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Aspen Mays’ art is influenced by her experience working with astrophysicists as a Fulbright Scholar in Chile. In previous works, Mays has excised the stars from archival photographs of the night sky, leaving fragile documents of what we cannot fully know, and photographed fireflies held inside the body of her camera in a gesture that relates their immediate, gentle glow to that of the stars burning light-years away.  She describes her new series, Tengallon Sunflower as a meeting of logic and sensuality, pointing to an enduring fascination with concepts, both complex and seemingly graspable, that elude our understanding beyond the experiential.