NEW YORK: Mesler/Feuer: Zachary Armstrong

Zachary Armstrong / Hills & Dales (installation view) / Mesler Feuer Gallery

Mesler/Feuer is pleased to present Zachary Armstrong’s exhibition, Hills & Dales. The artworks included in the exhibition, according to Armstrong, are:

  1. “Paintings that are not painted, but built”
  2. “No longer reproductions of old drawings, but finished, finalized, thought thru, original paintings”
  3. “Real self portraits”
  4. “Painting from your own head – not just things from the past”
  5. “The painting have no depth, ‘flat’, no dimension. Figures & all elements in the painting should read as stickers, or cut paper, lifted up like movie props & glued to canvas”

This exhibition is concurrent with, and in further conversation with, the exhibition at Tilton Gallery, New York.

Image Credit: Zachary Armstrong, Hills & Dales (installation view), Mesler Feuer Gallery