NEW YORK: David Lewis: Jared Madere

Jared Madere / Islands in the Stream (installation view) / David Lewis Gallery

David Lewis is pleased to present Islands in the Stream, Jared Madere’s solo gallery debut. It comes, though, on the heels of a fairly significant and developed few years of practice, including institutional exhibitions in Europe and New York, notably a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of Art in 2015. In conjunction with this, the artist established and ran the celebrated underground gallery Bed-Stuy Love Affair, first in his apartment and as of 2014, in an extravagant custom RV.

Madere’s practice is best understood initially as a deeply considered challenge to the best practices of the artists who dominated the discourse in the decade of his emergence. We will call these practices the previous discursive regime.

Madere’s moves — and the few enumerated above are meant merely as an introduction — are deployed, ultimately, the service of the development what the artist calls a spiritual apparatus. This could also be called a golden path. In this case of this exhibition the path is lined with snowflakes (the symbolic implications of which go without saying) as well as stuffed Mylar toddlers exchanging streams of urine.

Image Credit: Jared Madere, Islands in the Stream (installation view), David Lewis Gallery