MONTREAL: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: “SHE Photographs”

Laura Letinsky, "Untitled No. 48, from the series I did not remember I had forgotten," 2002 (printed in 2007). Collection of Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, from the legacy of Horsley and Annie Townsend.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to present SHE Photographs, a snapshot of today in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, including both recent acquisitions and loans. Seventy works bear witness to the plurality of this corpus and the different aspects of contemporary photography: conceptual art, auteur photography, tableau form, intimate impressions, the renewal of the documentary approach…

SHE Photographs presents thirty photographers, who explore the portrait or the self-portrait, nudes, still-life and landscape, and their works abound in themes that re-frame humanity and marginality and the environment. Beyond the photography work and its artistic form, the photographers are also anthropologists, archeologists, performers and activists. Conveyors of meaning, they apprehend the world through their lenses.

SHE Photographs uses the medium as a conceptual act to create a fictional universe or a picture space. To reveal a social reality, SHE Photographs calls to us without preamble. Each of us, with each look, is taking part in the creation of our collective memory.

Participating artists: Raymonde April / Jacynthe Carrier / Angela Grauerholz / Andrea Szilasi / Katy Grannan / Kiki Smith / Laura Letinsky / Carol Marino / Sylvie Readman / Catherine Opie / Janieta Eyre / Shari Hatt / Suzy Lake / Alix Cléo Roubaud / Geneviève Cadieux / Sorel Cohen / Spring Hurlbut / Justine Kurland / Nan Goldin / Lorraine Gilbert / Sarah Anne Johnson / Julie Moos / Claire Beaugrand-Champagne / Marnie Weber / Holly King / Clara Gutsche / Isabelle Hayeur / Éliane Excoffier / Maryse Goudreau / Barbara Steinman

Image Credit: Laura Letinsky, “Untitled No. 48, from the series I did not remember I had forgotten,” 2002 (printed in 2007). Collection of Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, from the legacy of Horsley and Annie Townsend.