MONTREAL: Galerie René Blouin: “Francine Savard // Numa Amun”

Two generations of painters. Two approaches to what could be called “extreme painting”. Extreme in their details and minute variations, as well as the extreme patience required for making the pieces. Francine Savard’s new paintings play on sophisticated and understated variations of the color red to produce optical effects. This work continues a series started in 2015. Also exhibited are pieces from the “Le temps qu’il fit” series, where Savard bases monochromatic canvases on specific temperature descriptions for a particular day, relating color to words and sensations. Numa Amun’s works also play with vision and physicality. The canvases are seamlessly inserted in the walls of the gallery, making borders invisible and causing the viewer’s body to interact with and question the exhibition space.

Image Credit info: FSavard_Truismes”_F: Guy L’Heureux