MONTREAL: Galerie Division: Richard-Max Tremblay

Galerie Division is pleased to present Hidden, a new solo exhibition by Montreal-based artist Richard-Max Tremblay.

Hidden pursues themes explored in the artist’s 2014 exhibition at Galerie Division, Hors Champ II. Bringing together a body of work produced after a roving residency in Paris, Berlin, and Venice in the autumn of 2014, the exhibition continues to unpack one of Tremblay’s ongoing concerns– that of the “hidden”.  Specifically, Tremblay represents the invisible in a world governed by the visible, a world subject to a bombardment of images and to constant monitoring by surveillance video.  The subjects of his work are never entirely perceptible; instead, their obscurity provokes a sense of curiosity, encouraging interpretation and a deeper line of inquiry.

Image Credit: Richard-Max Tremblay, Nuit à Venise, 2016, 50″ × 75″, Oil on canvas