MONTREAL: Galerie Division: Nicolas Baier

In the past, Nicolas Baier focused on the representation of objects in his immediate surroundings and their intensification via art, specifically through photography and its mediated offspring. His past work consisted of a self-reflexive examination of the camera’s possibilities, focusing on the medium’s transformation in the digital age. Baier’s experimentation compelled us to pay attention to the perspectival changes engendered by photography: how the technology alters both the Real and our direct reality. Having examined his immediate environment, Baier has for the past few years turned towards the macro and micro, confronting the metaphysical questions plaguing our understanding of non-visible worlds. Through the appropriation of a scientific language designed to make these realms accessible, the artist explores the forms of knowledge that allow for these concepts.

Image Credit: Vanité (bureau astro), 2016, Polylactic acid, steel, aluminum, mixed media