MONTREAL: Fonderie Darling: Dineo Seshee Bopape

and- in. the light of this.______ is part of an ongoing inquiry for Dineo Seshee Bopape to explore the concept of sovereignty – land, body and self-sovereignty – and the metaphysics of nothingness through an exploration of ideas and forms of containment and displacement, occupation, and hosting, and the socio-historical politics of landlessness. Similar to two previous works, sa ____ ke lerole, (sa lerole ke ___) (2016) (exhibited in New York’s Art in General) and :indeed it may very well be the___________itself (2016)(commissioned by the São Paulo Biennale), this new site-specific installation for the Darling Foundry continues her thematic interests in the topic of the Anthropocene and the idea of sovereignty. The installation consists of a large vault-like or egg-shaped sculpture, and a long compressed soil structure with objects that include casts of a uterus, womb healing herbs and minerals, and pieces of clay molded by a clenched fist.