LONDON: Stephen Friedman Gallery: Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges / (installation view) / Stephen Friedman Gallery

Stephen Friedman Gallery is pleased to present its fourth exhibition by multi-disciplinary American artist Jim Hodges. Here Hodges presents a new body of work consisting of sculpture, drawings and paintings. These works chart new directions for Hodges, building on his continuing rearranging of concepts of nature. Works are installed in both gallery spaces.

Hodges’ work has always revolved around ideas of time, loss, life and love. Using a wide array of materials, he is able to transform the simplest of gestures into poignant experiences for the viewer.

Our experience of the work is the defining feature of Hodges’ practice. He describes this as “The potential and fullness of experience, [the] limitlessness of things … mind, body, colour, space, proximity, distance, memory, psyche, and spirit”.

Image Credit: Jim Hodges / (installation view) / Stephen Friedman Gallery