Momus is an effort to improve upon the existing models for online publishing: to slow down, go deep, and speak honestly. To return us to an art criticism that is evaluative, considered, and brave. Our publication has been buoyed by the generous support of 24 esteemed collectors and arts patrons, to date, including Bruce Bailey, Jeanne Parkin, Samara and Joe Walbohm, and Ydessa Hendeles, who helped us initiate our publication, and some of whom have continued to contribute through our first two years. Donations and patronage have been all-important to this publication’s early success. While the site ultimately operates through a multi-sided revenue model that favors advertising, our editorial staff encourages support from engaged individuals who share our vision and aspirations for renewed reflection in evaluative criticism. All donations go directly to our editors, writers, and design team, who we value highly and pay at above-industry-average rates.

Since October 2014, Momus has quickly become a trusted reference for those wishing to reflect on contemporary art at a slightly slower pace, and with greater focus and integrity, than online platforms typically allow. We’ve attracted over 500,000 readers, to date, and have been recognized by peer publications including Frieze, e-flux, The New Inquiry, LA Times, and artnet News, among many others. The publication’s initial partnerships include content-sharing relationships with artnet News and Tate Etc.. We also curate an Artworld Events Calendar featuring our editors’ favorite contemporary art centers, and are in the process of launching Momus: The Podcast.

With over half a million readers and the respect of our peers, Momus has produced a platform of already lasting value. Your contributions will help foster and perpetuate this important project.

Momus Patrons:

John Massey (2017)

Barbara Astman (2017)

Ydessa Hendeles (2014, 2015, 2016)

Samara and Joe Walbohm (2016)

Rob Sobey (2016)

Yvonne Fleck (2016)

Anonymous (2015)

Anouchka Freybe (2016)

Geoffrey James (2016)

Jeanne Parkin (2014)

Paul Marks (2015)

Douglas Coupland (2016)

Carol Weinbaum (2015)

Bruce Bailey (2015, 2016)

Popsy Johnstone (2014)

Kaye Beeston (2015, 2016)

Terry Sefton (2015, 2016)

Liza Mauer (2015, 2016)

Elisa Nuyten (2015, 2016)

Sue Kidd (2015)

Susan Kololian (2014)

Beverly Creed (2015, 2016)

Shanitha Kachan (2015)

Harley Valentine (2016)

Sara Angel (2016)

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