TORONTO: Division Gallery: Wanda Koop

Division Gallery is pleased to present In Absentia, an exhibition of new paintings by one of Canada’s most distinguished artists, Wanda Koop.

For four months in 2015, Wanda Koop lived high atop the New York skyline. She spent her days exploring and working in her Brooklyn studio and her mornings and nights peering from her hotel window into the steely glass glare of Manhattan’s sky, watching sundial light shift across the jagged city. Koop describes the experience as profoundly transitory, solitary, and inspiring. Around her was the sum of a civilization’s desires, thrusting upward, sprawling outward, crystallizing the aspirations of America into stalagmites of steel against stalactites of sky. The experience prompted an outpouring of drawings and photographs that Koop distilled into an iconic body of work – glorious colour-field meditations of a city that is itself a distillation of global culture, industry, and growth.

Image Credit: In Absentia (Soft Pink – Glowing Yellow), 2016, 54″ × 78″, Acrylic on canvas on stretcher