MONTREAL: Parisian Laundry: BGL

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 18, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm

For their new exhibition occupying the main gallery and bunker, collective BGL presents an ensemble of intuitive experiments. The tentacular and protean installation draws on all available means: found and sculpted objects, tree branches and painted bamboo, felt pen drawings, photocopies on the fly and other surprises. Drawing inspiration from empiricism as much as the inexhaustible sources of the Internet, it happily cultivates doubts as well as counterfeit gold nuggets, testing rich mines and pseudo-miracles. The result: Ma société des tests, a three-headed society where harmony is jauntily entrusted to the virtues of improvisation, an anthropomorphized collective of common aspirations.

Enjoy your visit!

Image credit: BGL, Ma société des tests, image courtesy of the artists and Parisian Laundry.*

*Please note that this is a promotional image produced by the artists.