LONDON: Fold Gallery: “Either Those Curtains”

Either Those Curtains (installation view) / Fold Gallery

Either Those Curtains, on view at Fold Gallery, explores how the arrangement of personal interior space can reflect our attitudes to the shared social construction of civility in the exterior world. The interior of a home surpasses the concept of it being merely a dwelling space, as we arrange and augment interior space in a way that echoes our values. While public social events take place under the influence of the spatial architectonics ascribed by a third party, the home is a curated realm where smaller and more direct social gatherings are inherently dominated by the individual.

“Either those curtains go, or I do.” — Oscar Wilde

Either Those Curtains explores an artistic response to interior space as the true central point of individual freedom, both in the physical sense of a body in a space, and cognitive inner space. To illustrate how we can use these spaces to comply with systemic conformity or create auxiliary logics and perceptual alternatives.

Featured Artists: Dan DavisAsmund Havsteen-MikkelsenLaura BygraveIan MonroeVictoria AdamMatt AgerBruce McLeanMary Wintour

Image Credit: Either Those Curtains (installation view) / Fold Gallery